About us

With 15 consultants and offices in every mainland state and abroad, SCL are the go to independent global practice for your Architectural Specification needs.

Our origins date back to 1986 with the formation of Schumann Smith in the UK, which subsequently formed the World’s largest specification consultancy group through merging with Davis Langdon. This service was introduced into Australia in 2004 and divested to SCL in 2014. Today, our core group continues to drive this legacy forward.

The culture, ethos and attitude toward service delivery and commitment to our Architectural colleagues is defined in one phrase – ‘Supporting Designers‘.

Our commitment to ‘Supporting Designers’ is based on our core strengths and passion for delivering quality design in the real world, often operating behind the scenes and providing services that protect the best interests of the Architect, Client and Project. Our services have been developed, tailored and used on many high profile projects around the World with many of the Worlds’ most prestigious architectural firms.

Not every specification is the same. Procurement, site, timing, experience of the design team and contractors, all have a profound impact on how the specification should be written and presented. Our experience, knowledge, baselines and systems are set up to enable alignment to these requirements, which is the cornerstone for us ‘Supporting Designers’

Our service

Our services are delivered by a team with years of experience and passion in working with and supporting designers.

Feel the full support of a team, that’s right a TEAM! It takes a team of consultants, documenters, researchers and proof readers to be able to effectively navigate a project’s specification requirements. We provide this through our team managed baselines, the experience and knowledge of our combined team, through our innovation and systems and through our teams’ passion to better the industry.

A well prepared and coordinated specification communicates what the project client is buying from the contractor. It deals with scope, quality, activity, and responsibility, and as such complements the contract conditions and other documentation. During construction the specification is used to check the adequacy of the contractor’s work on site, as well as providing a reference point for the determination of variations.

Our Specifications

When it comes to specifications, one size does not fit all. Every project is different as is its project location. As a result, we offer a range of different specifications to suit the requirements of your project. Part of the process includes a pesonal interface with the design team to discuss which specification is appropriate.

Specification Consulting

Our service is tailored around improving the construction industry and standard of design documentation. We prepare specifications that protect the designer and the Client through the following means:

  • Starting every project specification from our up-to-date and managed baseline
  • Becoming part of the design team and developing the specification as the design develops


Specification Formats

With many years of writing specifications on projects around the world we know and understand the complexities and intricacies of what it takes to develop a “watertight” specification.

We have the experience of writing in a number of different specification formats, including:

  • MasterSpec
  • CAWS – Common Arrangement
  • CSI Masterformat


How we work

Our preference is to get involved with projects as early in the process as possible.

You will often find us in your office gathering information, from which we produce your specifications and we are always available to respond to your telephone calls, e-mails and problems.

We work as part of the architectural team; ensuring regular meetings are held with the design team to ascertain a complete understanding of the project, contract and procurement status, so that the appropriate specification can be produced.

Company-Wide Approach

We have experience in setting up specification baseline documents and systems throughout the World. This process has been proven to: (more…)

Types of Service

Option 1 – The Full Service

We start by working with the Design Team to produce a T Sheet for the project, which scopes out the elements and materials required and is the link between the drawings, the specification and other documents. This process ensures the specification is read and therefore understood rather than neglected. (more…)

Option 2 – The Abridged Service

We have found the T Sheet approach to be the most comprehensive, however we also understand that time and fees sometimes require a more streamlined service. We are also aware that some Architects prefer to have their own finishes schedule. (more…)

Our team


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